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What a Sunday night rock show at the Fillmore!

Up-and-comers Dirty Honey got the show started to a pretty decent sized crowd. The buzz around this band is enormous. They’re the first band to hit #1 as an un-signed act. It’s the first time I had the pleasure to see them. Since I was conducting an interview with John Cooper from Skillet, I only saw the final few songs. There’s no denying their classic roots. They are a straight-up rock band! I even had a slight Spinal Tap moment with them when they couldn’t figure out how to leave the back stage area to get to their march table, which they ran by themselves! Keep an eye on these guys….

Alter Bridge was next. I mean, what more can be said about these guys. Singer Myles Kennedy hits every note, and makes it look easy. The band (Creed without Scott Stapp) is a good a band as you’re going to see. Local boy, Mark Tremonti, gets better every time I see him. Between his muscle car shirts and his killer riffs, he’s the real deal. For me, the song Blackbird is the star of their set. Epic track!

I was lucky enough to bring Skillet out for their set. High energy is putting it lightly. They ripped through a bunch of songs with the tightness of a veteran band, with the fierceness of a hungry band trying to win over every fan in the place. It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to see them live. Man, I was not let down. I forgot how much emotion singer John Cooper brings, and how hard drummer Jen Ledger hits, and her great backing vocals. By the way, John will be on my Talkin’ Rock podcast later this week. We had a great conversation before they took the stage.