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Each week a story behind the pic. How it came to be? Who gave it to me, when and what concert and venue. You can also join in the fun by sending me a picture of a guitar pic and the story behind how YOU got one.

VAN HALEN April 27th, 1980: The 2nd night of two shows at Cobo Hall in Detroit. Can you believe a $10 ticket and it was the Women & Children first tour the World Invasion “Party ’til You Die Tour.” We managed to sneak onto main floor. I was pretty skinny back then and was able to squeeze close to the front. Eddie started into the song “Lose Control,” and the crowd went nuts. Then all of a sudden everyone was pushing and shoving me around and I fell forward. Only to see the Holy Grail inches from my hands. Reached out and got the pic! My hand even got stepped on, but I was not letting go of that pic! Highlight of the show was the encore with the song “Ain’t Talking About Love” with a crowd chorus of “Hey Hey Hey!” That show and the pic made for the Best Van Halen Show ever.

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Born in Mt Clemens, Screamin has been rockin' the Riff airwaves for 25 years. When he's not out rockin' the streets, you can find him in his rock room, where he collects jukeboxes and classic pinball machines. Screamin also has his very own Rock cover band called " Chit" playing all over the Metro Detroit Music scene