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Today is Tommy Lee‘s birthday, and what better way to honor the Motley Crue drummer than with a series of wild videos of Tommy doing what he does best.  (No, you perv!  Not those kind of videos!)

Check out these awesome clips of Tommy live and the evolution of his drum rig.  For an added bonus, the last video shows Tommy and Nikki Sixx having a Jack Daniels drink-off, where Tommy polishes off a bottle while still keeping the beat.  It’s pretty glorious.

(Warning:  NSFW language ahead.)

Tommy Lee Drum Solo

Motley Crue "Tommy lee Solo" 10/15/87 Tacoma WA


TOMMY LEE'S ROLLER COASTER 360 DRUM SOLO !!! June 10th, 2011 in Houston, TX at the Toyota Center! Motley CRue on tour with N.Y. Dolls & Poison! Want to see Tommy's Cruecifly?

Mötley Crüe Tommy lee drum solo Grand Rapids

Opening night of the Mötley Crüe tour. Grand Rapids first night seeing the Crüe-so-fly drum solo coaster. 7/272014

NIKKI SIXX and TOMMY LEE Jack Daniels drink off, Bass Solo + Ten Seconds to Love (THE DIRT)

Jack Daniels drink off with Nikki & Tommy of Motley Crue during one of the most widely circulated shows in history, the 1987 Tacoma Wa concert.


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