38-year-old Jessica Bernice Kropp was stopped by the police for having an expired registration the other day when the officer noticed something strange about one of her fashion accessories. 

The woman took some time to pull over and weaved through a neighborhood before finally stopping for the police.  Once she stopped the officer learned that she had a suspended license, was driving without insurance, and also had a few warrants for her arrest.

When he removed her from the car and placed her under arrest he noticed a small, zip-locked bag containing a white crystal-like substance in the shape of a bow in her hair. She tried to disguise he drugs as a hair barrette!


Woman sporting suspected meth hair bow arrested

CLOSE Jessica Kropp sports a hair made of a rubber band and a plastic bag authorities say contained suspected methamphetamine. Kropp told a police officer she was unaware the bow was in her hair and that someone must have placed it there.