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Tuesday, on my Facebook, I asked you guys about your first and last concert. Wow! Check out the responses here….there’s a lot of them! I thought for today’s Top 3 I’d do my top Concerts. I’ve had the good fortune to go to many, many concerts, so narrowing it down to three is a difficult operation. These are ones that stick out in my memory for various reasons. Trust me, I could’ve done a top 100, and still have leftovers….

#3 – Ozzy/ Motley Crue/Waysted – 1984. You never forget your first! Yes, I paid a whole $12.50 to go see this show. It’s that same tour where Ozzy supposedly snorted ants from the sidewalk, which was depicted on Motley’s The Dirt movie. Ozzy told me in a 2001 interview that he has no recollection of that.

#2 – KISS/Alice In Chains/Sponge at Tiger Stadium in 1996. I had just arrived in Detroit the previous November, so this was the first massive show I went to here. It lived up to the billing with all the original members back in make-up.

#1 – GNR/Metallica – 1992. My list wouldn’t be complete without these bands on their own, but put them together – in their prime – and it’s almost a no-brainer. I remember so much from this show. Interviewing Lars and Duff beforehand, Axl’s mic feeding back and him proceeding to launch it into the crowd, watching the encore “Paradise City” from the side of the stage, the after party with GNR, watching Metallica crush it in the sunlight to James walking off the stage and out of the backstage area alone, looking like he just killed the dragon. So many memories.

Can you name your top 3?