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A couple from Indiana are in trouble for abandoning their 10-year-old daughter and moving to Canada, but they say that the girl is really an adult with dwarfism pulling a crazy scam!

The couple adopted the girl from Ukraine and was under the impression that she was 8-years-old, but they claim that they discovered that she was really an adult with dwarfism and was running an elaborate  psychotic scam.  They put her up in an apartment and moved to Canada.

After a 5 year investigation the couple has been charged with neglect of a dependant and have surrendered themselves to authorities.


Kristine and Michael Barnett abandon Ukrainian adopted 'mposter child'.

A former abandoning the adopted Indiana couple have been accused of changing their adopted daughter's age from 8 to 22, and then Ukrainian girl suffering from dwarfism and moving the rest of the family to Canada, prosecutors said. Michael Barnett, 43, and his now ex-wife, Kristine Elizabeth Barnett, 45, were charged on two counts of felony neglect of a dependent.