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Today’s throwback photo is a black & white picture I took September of 1984, the day before they tore down the Gratiot Drive In. In Roseville, cruising on Gratiot Boulevard and Masonic, it was a site icon with it’s neon pink sign spelling out Gratiot and neon green Drive In. It opened on April 30, 1948 and showed its last movie on Labor Day of 1984. It was also known as the World’s Largest Drive in theater. What was unique was the three tier waterfall on the screens backside. Many stories of seeking a carload of kids in the trunk and well as beverages.

Myself, I remember the dusk to dawn horror showings and as a child “Snoopy Come Home” on the big screen. What’s there now is Panera bread, Guitar Center and Chuckie Cheese. At a time when drive-in movie theaters have become sparse, a new one is planned in Monroe Michigan in 2020. Right now in Michigan there are only 9 drive in theaters left. Click HERE to find them!

Did you ever seen a movie at a Drive In ?


Born in Mt Clemens, Screamin has been rockin' the Riff airwaves for 25 years. When he's not out rockin' the streets, you can find him in his rock room, where he collects jukeboxes and classic pinball machines. Screamin also has his very own Rock cover band called " Chit" playing all over the Metro Detroit Music scene