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I’ve been thinking about this one for a while, and I thought that this week would be the perfect time to post my favorite wrestlers. I missed this past Monday’s WWE RAW but I saw enough of it online to know what happened, which is also part of the spark I needed to sit down and give you my top 3.

#3 – Chris Jericho. He always cracked me up with his in-ring banter. Really good on the mic and enough self-deprecating moments to endear you to him. SHUT THE HELL UP, The List, the man of 1004 holds, Y2J and so on….

I’ll never forget the first time I met him. The WWE was in town doing a house show. My friend, Rhino, called me up and told me that him and some of the boys were heading to a local Ram’s Horn. I met them there and not longer after, Jericho walks through the doors…shirt totally unbuttoned, looking around for us. I mean, who does that?! The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, thats who! Over the years I’ve gotten to know him better, and he’s a quality guy.

#2 – The Rock. I mean, talk about mic skills! He’s got them in spades. The people’s champ, the atomic elbow, IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING, It doesn’t matter what…., pancakes, strudel, in-ring presence, a HUGE Hollywood career, fruity pebbles, Layeth The Smacketh Down, candy ass, he’s got it all!

#1 – Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s the whole package. The bar-room brawler, un-PC, beer drinking Texas rattlesnake. Just on the stuff he did here in Detroit is the thing of legend. Ramming the zamboni into the ring, tossing his belt off the Belle Isle bridge and more.

I was lucky to meet and interview him around 2006. You’ll never met someone more unassuming than him. Down to Earth and really a nice guy.

Of course, there’s many, many more that deserve mentions. Foley, Flair, The Hitman, Triple H, Hogan, DX, NWO, Macho Man….so many. Oh, I also need to mention my buddy, Rhino. What a great guy! These are my picks, what’s yours?