Look what I found today looking through and old Lap top computer bag. It was the year 2011 we were getting pretty good at our trip to Vegas as every year is a new adventure. My trip included a yearly trip to the pinball hall of fame,Burger from In and Out ,and relaxed pool side with that years winners of the contest. This year we will do it all over in style with zip lines ,shows and maybe a Nights Hockey game. This is your chance to win a trip to Vegas with the RIFF Crew! You will spend 3 days partying in VEGAS with Dave, Chuck, Lisa, Andy, James, Anne, Meltdown, and myself (screamin) FIRST TRIP GIVEAWAY IS 5:00 P.M. on September 12
Listen Weekdays, September 12 to October 9 for your chance to win!Good Luck hope you join us this year!



Born in Mt Clemens, Screamin has been rockin' the Riff airwaves for 25 years. When he's not out rockin' the streets, you can find him in his rock room, where he collects jukeboxes and classic pinball machines. Screamin also has his very own Rock cover band called " Chit" playing all over the Metro Detroit Music scene