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Woodstock 50 Organizers Sends Plea to Fans, Asks For Help in Getting Permits for New Host Site

Woodstock 50 refuses to die and has now sent out a plea to its social media followers for help in getting its permits approved by Vernon, N.Y., the town of their second potential site to hold the anniversary festival.

Their message to social media followers reads, "Will the Town of Vernon allow peace, love & music to prevail so we can celebrate Woodstock 50 with you? Upon permit approval we’ll announce our ticket on sale. Please share to show your support." An accompanying graphic contains the message, "Dear Town of Vernon, Woodstock is committed to bringing peace, love and music to The Downs. Will you all let peace, love and music prevail August 16th-18th? With love, Woodstock 50."

WOODSTOCK on Twitter

Will the Town of Vernon allow peace, love & music to prevail so we can celebrate Woodstock50 with you? Upon permit approval we'll announce our ticket on sale. Please share to show your support.☮️❤️????#Woodstock #Woodstock50

Support for the festival is definitely mixed, but the folks who are against the festival are really adamant about it. Here's just a sample of some of the best reactions to Woodstock 50's plea:

GardenCat on Twitter

@woodstockfest I really wish you would spend your time trying to make this happen NEXT year, you can't safely pull it off this year. And stop trying to guilt people into this - YOU didn't get your shit together! The blame game is getting old.

V.C. Privitera on Twitter

@woodstockfest It's like Woodstock has turned into this year's Fyre Fest... With such limited time to set everything up, it's practically impossible to make this festival work safely for anyone who plans on attending...let's NOT repeat what happened in 1999 #Woodstock

Tim Hutch on Twitter

@woodstockfest Nothing like planning for a trip on a months notice without any idea on how much we have to spend. Just drop it, you've failed, try again at 60 years.


Young Airpods on Twitter

@woodstockfest Stopping trying to make it happen

alia on Twitter

@woodstockfest This ship has sailed. The boy has cried wolf too many times.. No thanks.

StarGuitar on Twitter

@woodstockfest The only people who want this fest are you. Just stop. Walk away with what little dignity you have left. NO ONE CARES!!!

Mike G on Twitter

@woodstockfest https://t.co/kaFA3mW7tn

The Town of Vernon denied the application for Woodstock 50 to be held at Vernon Downs during a July 9 town meeting. Townspeople brought up various concerns ranging from the potential for vandalism to the lack of planning details in Woodstock 50's permit application.

Vernon town attorney Vincent Rossi said, "Each application submitted, one for each of the three days, was one page long with no supporting materials." Oneida County emergency management director Kevin Revere, meanwhile, said, "Any emergency management director will say there isn’t enough time to do this properly.”