Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Man at Baskin-Robbins Drops Gun from Shorts in Front of Cops

Proving that ice cream is bad for you, a man who walked into a ice cream shop to satisfy his sweet tooth ended up behind bars after a gun fell out of his shorts.

The incident occurred Saturday at a Coney Island Baskin-Robbins in New York, police say. Emmanuel Lovett, 33, walked into the shop and tugged on his shorts -- causing a loaded pistol to drop to the floor. Clearly, it wasn't Lovett's day, because three of the shop's other customers happened to be New York cops.

As it turned out, Lovett has a robbery conviction on his record, which prohibits him from owning a gun. So in addition to not getting any ice cream, he was carted off to jail and charged with criminal possession of a firearm.


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"Three of our cops are in the local Dunkin/Baskin Robbins. A fella walks in, adjusts his pants & out drops a loaded gun on the floor," the Transit Division posted on social media. "Now the repeat felon carrying it is in custody, all because a Transit cop had a craving for cake batter ice cream???? (seriously, this actually happened)."