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Man Forges Police Report as Excuse for Being Late to Work

51-year-old Paul Neilson claimed cops pulled him over for having an expired registration on the way to his construction job. When his boss didn't believe it, Neilson returned with a police report.

Placing a call to the Lisbon PD, the boss found out that not only was the paperwork bogus, there was never a record of any stop. Neilson is now looking at a possible seven years in prison, charged last week with felony forgery.


Man accused of forging police report as late for work excuse

LISBON, N.H. (AP) - (6/30/19) A man accused of forging a police report to back up his bogus story that he used as an excuse to his boss is facing real charges in New Hampshire. The Caledonian-Record reports that 51-year-old Paul Neilson was charged last week with forgery, a felony punishable by up to seven years in [...]