Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Cafe in Thailand Lets Customers Reflect on Life by Sealing Them in a Coffin

In Bangkok, Thailand there is a cafe called the Death Awareness Cafe that offers a selection of beverages as well as an introspective experience from inside of a coffin!

After you finish your coffee, you are sealed inside of a coffin to block you off from the outside world so you can reflect on your own life. The owner says that the idea for his cafe was actually inspired by Buddhist philosophy and is aimed at encouraging people not to be driven by greed. He said, "our main goal is for the visitor to experience the death awareness. When the lid of the coffin closes, their basic instincts will come up and they will realize that eventually they cannot take anything with them."

'Death awareness' cafe in Thailand offers a casket with your coffee

Customers at this macabre cafe can mull over their problems with a cappuccino - then climb into an actual coffin to reflect on life. The Death Awareness Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, is decorated with black wreaths and caskets and shiny corridors like a mortuary, seen on June 24.