Dave Grohl Pranks Crowd

Foo Fighters returned to the scene of the crime where Dave Grohl fell of the stage and broke his head nearly 3 years ago.

In typical prankster fashion, Grohl pranked the crowd in Gothenburg, Sweden by having a stuntman acting as him run of the stage and take a tumble. Of course he's fine and we all got a good laugh. Check out the video below!

Dave Grohl Scares Foo Fighters Fans With Huge Fall (Stuntman Prank) | Rock Feed

The same crowd that saw Dave Grohl fracture his leg in 2015 got quite the prank from the Foo Fighters frontman. Want to support Rock Feed AND get cool stuff?! Sign up to http://patreon.com/rockfeed to send us your viewer questions, get access to exclusive live streams, and special items like posters and mugs!