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A Soap That Captures a "Young Woman Scent" Is Popular With Older Women and Lonely Dudes

There's a soap in Japan that's made to smell like a YOUNG WOMAN . . . a company found the chemical compounds that young women produce and isolated them to make the soap.  And it's become a very popular product for older women . . . and for LONELY DUDES.

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It's now the number 1 selling body soap on Amazon Japan right now and sells for 1,334 yen which is about $12.25 USD.


Young woman-scent body soap and deodorant becomes a hit with lonely Japanese dudes

Deoco dudes desire feminine fragrance for lessening loneliness. About a year ago, Japan's Rohto Pharmaceutical announced that it had isolated two chemical compounds, Lactone C10 and C11, which the bodies of young women produce in greater quantities than those of older women.