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Five Finger Death Punch's New Drummer Was Found on Instagram

Five Finger Death Punch confirmed drummer Charlie Engen, who filled in for Jeremy Spencer on tour when he stepped down from the band in December 2018 because of physical issues, will be playing on the band's new studio album.

The band shared a new video to their YouTube channel taking about Engen and how the drummer was recruited to FFDP.

"It was actually Jeremy that found Charlie. Jeremy had reached out to you through Instagram," said guitarist Jason Hook to Engen in the video below.

"Yeah, we had been just drum buddies for a while, talking drums and classic stuff, so we developed a relationship that way, and that was a year and a half before all this." said Engen.

Hook added, "And so when Jeremy told us that he was thinking about hanging it up — he had gone through a couple of different surgeries and really thought that he wasn't gonna be able to play drums up to his standards — we understood. 'But the good news is I found the guy,' he said, 'Well, it's this fellow on Instagram named Charlie.' I immediately went and started checking out the videos online, and I was, like, 'Holy f-ck! This guy's a beast!'"

It just goes to show you that Instagram isn't all thirst traps and sliding into someone's DMs. Sometimes, you can land an incredible gig because of it, too. Also, if you haven't already followed Engen on Instagram, now would be a good time.

(WARNING: NSFW language ahead.)

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