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A guy in Florida was busted doing 100 miles-per-hour on the freeway last week . . . after he climbed up through his open sunroof to sit on the roof of his car. 

WATCH: Fla. driver caught standing through moon roof

Florida Highway Patrol Troopers arrested a Lakeland driver after being caught on video standing through a moon roof as the car continued to speed down Interstate 4 in Polk County.

He told the cops he thought it, quote, “would be a nice way to praise God for a minute.”  He was arrested for reckless driving.


Elderly Menace Busted For Wild Sunroof Stunt

MAY 10--A 70-year-old Florida motorist was arrested Tuesday after an off-duty cop spotted the suspect driving while "sitting on the sunroof" of his Cadillac sedan, according to court records. Leonar