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A video has gone viral of nine female dancers in skimpy outfits and high heels performing before a professional basketball game in Russia on Sunday. 

Russian stripdance at a valleyball game opening ceremony // Стриптиз на игре "Спартак"-"Самара" Организаторы баскетбольного матча "Спартак" - "Самара" захотели удивить всех предматчевым шоу. Но решили не брать чирлидерш, как в этой вашей загнивающей Америке, а пригласили наших родных стриптизёрш. Если ваш матч не похож на нечто подобное, даже не думайте меня приглашать

It was billed as an “elegant choreographic performance,” but it was more like something you’d see at a Gentleman’s Club.  The team got tons of complaints from fans and parents who brought children to the game.


Outrage as cheerleaders 'perform STRIPTEASE in front of kids' at basketball match

The women, who were sporting minuscule underwear and platform stilettos, performed before a Russian Basketball Super League match in Saint Petersburg on Sunday. But the final's pregame show before the match between Spartak St. Petersburg and Samara caused uproar after numerous fans with children accused the organisers of staging an "inappropriate" striptease performance.