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It’s 2019 and a lot of women refuse to follow the stereotypical gender norms.  Some are embracing their body hair and others are growing out their armpit hair and dying the hair rainbow colors!

A popular YouTuber started doing this back in 2016 and it started to gain more attention on instagram and social media this past January.

RAINBOW Armpit Hair Dye! (Dying my Armpits) DIY

OMG! It is SO FUN to shock people with these strange rainbow armpits of mine, haha. This may be the strangest thing I've done. lol. To find out what hair dyes I used check out my blog: It took me 2 months to grow out these hairy armpits but I DID IT!

Here are a few examples being shared on social media.

@goddess_emeral poses with green and purple dyed armpit hair ???? #tastetherainbow #PitPower #DyedPits #freeyourhaircolor #ladypithair #dyedhair #dyedarmpithair #bodypositive #armpithairdontcare #colouredarmpithair

319 Likes, 6 Comments - Hairy Taco ???? (@hairytacobell) on Instagram: "@goddess_emeral poses with green and purple dyed armpit hair ???? #tastetherainbow #PitPower..."