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A New Service Lets Your Practice Sexting by Doing It with a Robot

A new service launched yesterday called "Slutbot" that lets you practice sexting by doing it with a ROBOT.There are two different settings that let you decide how filthy you want it to get:  "Slow and Gentle" or "Hot and Sexy."

It's totally free.  Just text the word "slutbot" to 415-650-0395 to get started.  The one rule is you can't use derogatory terms, like the B-word.  And if it ever makes you uncomfortable, you can end the conversation by using the safe word, "pineapple."


This new 'Slutbot' is designed to pump up your sexting game

A new "SMS experience" - co-created by erotic writers and sex educators - allows users to text a number and get lessons in sexting from the "Slutbot." This dirty-talk teacher is the bawdy brainchild of the digital gurus behind Juicebox, a relationship app which offers advice on sex and love.