Tool is expected to release their long-awaited follow-up to their 2006 album 10,000 Days this year, and fans are so eager for it that they will literally react to anything. Literally anything!

Case in point, the band changed their Facebook cover photo yesterday. The cover photo now shows the Tool logo along with the roman numerals for 2019. At the time of publishing, the photo change garnered over 3,900 comments and replies, 3,800 shares and 44,000 reactions.


Tool updated their cover photo.

When Tool finally does release their new album, I sincerely hope they do so suddenly and in a surprise fashion, because the reactions will be on par with Oprah audience members learning they’re about to win a lot of random gifts (aka: Oprah’s Favorite Things, below) or it’ll be like the head explosion scene in Scanners. So many possibilities!

Honestly, the suspense is terrible, but in all seriousness and unlike Willy Wonka, let’s hope it won’t last for much longer.

Erica Banas is rock/classic rock news blogger that loves the smell of old vinyl in the morning.

Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock news blogger who's well versed in etiquette and extraordinarily nice.