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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 18: A pig flies through through the air during the Pig Racing and Diving show the 2008 Royal Melbourne Show at the Melbourne Showgrounds September 18, 2008 in Melbourne, Australia. The Royal Melbourne Show has been a feature event in the city since 1848, Victoria's largest and longest running annual public event, and features displays around rural life, horticulture, leisure and entertainment. (Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images)

There are a couple of farmers in Michigan who are trying to revolutionize the chicken wing business…with pork.

Bob File and Bob George of Pioneer Foods, say their “pig wings” come from the shank of the pig – where your calf would be – and have twice the meat of a chicken wing and a better bone to grab on to.

They also are said to offer a bit more protein, and less calories…depending on how they’re prepped.


Move Over, Chicken Wings: Pork Wings Are the Next Pig Thing

The world is now full of meat substitutes, from veggie burgers that bleed to lab-grown hamburger to, well, this. But until now, we haven't heard of one made of, well, meat. But two pork farmers from Michigan are convinced that the next big thing in chicken wings is ... pork.