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Weekends Saturday 3pm-7pm, Sunday 7pm-10pm

Tune in to Michigan Mixtape 101 every Saturday night at 10pm on Riff2. That’s 101.1 HD2 on your HD radio.

Michigan musicians, send your stuff to – @RadioJNJ on Twitter & Instagram


I Don’t Want To Die – Labour Day Weekend

$20 – Bars Of Gold

Greener – Chirp

Give Me A Break – Escaping Pavement

Still Creatures – Desmond Jones

Long Way From Home – Loxodon

Alison – Cyrano Jones

Forever’s Fine – The 25th Hour

Pink Salt – Louis Picasso

Twisted – Kristianna

Happy – Stories Untold

Solution – Cat Lung

Hey There Buddy – Ryan Hysinger

It’s Alright, It’s OK – Panic Or Pain

My Yellow Tree – The Fredric