(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Fake Panhandler Found With iPhone X And $500 Purse

If you want to be a convincing panhandler, you’ve got to be willing to live the part. Police caught up with one woman begging for cash in New Jersey, complete with a picture of a baby. When questioned, she claimed to be “from Romania, living in Queens, and desperate.” Then they noticed the “thousands of dollars” in goods she had on her, including an iPhone X and a purse that cost no less than $500.

She finally admitted that she, and others, where “dropped off” to panhandle throughout New Jersey. She was ticketed for impeding traffic and “soliciting without a permit.”


NJ Cops Bust Fake Diaper Beggar With iPhone X, $500 Purse

She said she was poor and needed money for diapers for her baby - but she was carrying a $500 purse with an iPhone X and jewelry inside. Now police in Union Township, New Jersey are warning motorists to be wary...