(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Woman Leaves Something Important At The Airport That Forced The Plane To Turn Around!

A flight from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia had to turn around and return to the gate over the weekend . . . after a woman on board realized she'd left her newborn BABY in the terminal.

There's audio of the pilot talking to ground control.  And they asked him to repeat himself, just to make sure they heard him right.  Then they cleared him to turn around.

راكبة نسيت طفلها في المطار

رحلة الخطوط السعودية و المتجهه الى كوالالمبور ، راكبة تنسى طفلها الرضيع في صالة المغادرة، وكابتن الطائرة يأخذ الإذن للعوده الى المطار



Flight emergency: I forgot my baby at the airport

Dubai: Flights are cleared to return to airports when there is a major emergency and something happens to force the pilot to turn around. But to return because a mother on the flight forgot her baby back is strange.