(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Man Rescued From Grave After Being Mistakenly Buried Alive

The caretaker at a cemetery in Peru got the shock of his life when he heard screams coming from one of the graves. After hearing the noise, the freaked-out man called the cops.

The tomb in question was opened, and indeed, they found a live man inside. Video of the rescue shows the unnamed man being pulled out, clearly shaken, weeping, and barely able to move. No one’s saying how he got there, but let’s just be grateful that wasn’t us.


Cops make shocking discovery after screams are heard coming from buried coffin in cemetery

The caretaker of the cemetery was alerted to the mistake called cops after hearing a noise appearing to come from beyond the grave. He reportedly called the police who opened the tomb and discovered a man had been buried alive. It is thought to have occurred in Peru, though circumstances surrounding the mistaken burial are yet to be confirmed.