A Security Guard Was Busted for Dealing Drugs Outside a Drug Store

A security guard at a CVS in Massachusetts was arrested on Wednesday for dealing drugs . . . outside a drug store.

The security guard was seen by undercover drug agents on a different assignment exchange drugs for money in the parking lot of the CVS.  The security guard went back inside the store while the man that paid for the drugs was stopped a few blocks away with cocaine in his possession.

Police returned to the CVS to talk to the security guard and they found just under $600 and two baggies of cocaine in his possession.


Security guard at Springfield drug store arrested for dealing drugs

SPRINGFIELD -Police on Wednesday arrested a 29-year-old city man, charging him with dealing cocaine in the parking lot of a State Street drug store while he was working there as a security guard. Raphelle Rosario is charged with distribution of a class B substance and possession of a class B substance with intent to distribute.