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Bride and groom fall in love…..with the bridesmaid?!?

A couple from Ohio got engaged and the future groom knew that his bride to be was also into girls, so he was okay with her dating a girl on the side.

The woman that she was dating stood up in their wedding as bridesmaid. She lived in Ireland and the wedding was the first time that the groom met the other love interest in his bride's life.  The groom and the bridesmaid hit it off and started dating as well.

They've now all entered a polyamorous relationship.


Bride and groom fall in love with bridesmaid and enter polyamorous relationship

Karalyn Henry, from Ohio, U.S., knew she was attracted to boys and girls as a teenager, but upon realising these attractions were often at the same time, the 22-year-old also discovered she was polyamorous. When she entered a monogamous relationship with her boyfriend, she decided to tell him about the desire to have intimate relations with more than one partner.