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This could’ve been tragic.  A video from Thailand shows the rescue of a four-year-old girl.  She had fallen off the roof of a hospital, but was saved because her dress snagged on the building’s sign . . . and then someone pulled her up.

The clip starts while she’s hanging from the sign and you see a person on the roof reach over the side to grab her arm.  The rescuer was being held by other people on the roof.

The whole thing started when she wandered away from her father who was being treated for something.  She walked through a fire escape door, went up the stairs to the roof . . . and then started chasing a lizard until she fell off the side.


Four-year-old girl saved from lethal fall when her dress snags on building sign

This is the dramatic moment a toddler was rescued after plunging off the top of a hospital roof - but being saved when her dress snagged on lettering The little girl had been with her father while he had treatment but she wandered off from their ward at the Paholpolpayuhasena Hospital in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.