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A YouTuber investigated the conspiracy theory that Chuck E. Cheese’s takes uneaten pizza slices and uses them to form new pizzas . . . so when you order a pizza, the slices look mismatched and weird.  First he looked at photos online, and it seemed to be true.

So he went and ordered . . . and found the same thing.  It got enough attention that Chuck E. Cheese’s issued a denial.


A Conspiracy Theory That Chuck E. Cheese 'Recycles' Pizza Slices Is Blowing People's Minds

Chuck E. Cheese's is a popular destination for children's birthday parties (as well as parent brawls), serving up kid-friendly pizza along with arcade games and, until recently, animatronic shows. But if a conspiracy theory making the rounds is to be believed, balls pits have not been the most unsanitary part of the family entertainment chain restaurants.