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A 37-year old man from Australia that has dubbed himself the “Poo Wizard” gives himself feces facials.

He has posted a video encouraging people to get “S#!% faced” with him and smear their feces on their face.  He also uses his poo to create artwork.  He shows off one of his pieces in the video that you can watch at the link below.

He does it as a way to “reconnect” with his rectum and have a more poo positive view on life.  He hopes that other people do it too.

'Poo Wizard' Gives Himself Facials With His Own Faeces

It's 2019 guys and gals, and if you want to smear your face in excrement to stick two fingers up at society, you can. Atlas Talisman, however, needed no outside command to become accustomed with the practice. In fact, he's somewhat of an expert.