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There’s video of a hairdresser in Spain named Alberto Olmedo, and he’s using a handheld laser to cut hair.  He says the laser CAN cut metal, but it’s safe “if you know how to handle it.”

Meet the 'Star Wars hairdresser' who styles your hair with a laser cutter

Bir lazer kesici ile saçınıza şekil veren 'Star Wars kuaför' ile tanışın This Spanish hairdresser known for his crazy katana haircuts is surprising customers with an innovative way of cutting hair by using a handheld laser. Footage captured on January 29 shows barber Alberto Olmedo styling a customer's hair by hovering a laser flame over the end of her locks.

The guy must love being unique because he’s also cut hair using medieval swords, wolf claws, and fire.

Alberto Olmedo Madrid Spain Hair Stylist

Alberto Olmedo: a hair stylist from Madrid Spain. He uses fire and swords to cut hair. Like, share, subscribe!