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A former construction worker that also earns a living as a professional hugger has launched a new business, in nude housekeeping!

Daniel Aitken, a 26 year old, just launched this business a few weeks ago after joking about it with his parents and he says that business is booming.  He strips down to nothing but a pair yellow rubber gloves and cleans homes.

He says, ‘so far my clientele have been a mixture of men and women who are mostly middle aged.’

He’s hoping business keeps coming and he can afford to buy his own home soon.


Professional hugger launches business where he cleans houses NAKED

Daniel Aitken, from Brighton goes into people's homes to clean for £30 an hour The former construction worker, 26, also charges £45 an hour to 'cuddle people' He says he's 'very professional' and despite cleaning in just a pair of marigolds A young man has decided to bare all to become a naked household cleaner in order to save up enough money to buy a house.