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There is a fairly new channel on Pornhub that is getting a lot of attention and it’s not what you think.  It was created by Ryan Creamer.

It’s a POV wholesome comedy channel.  It’s essentially a fully clothed man that tucks you in, makes sure your hydrated, and really just takes care of you after a hard day of porn.

It’s racked up more than a million views in just 3 months.


The most wholesome channel on Pornhub just wants to make sure you're OK

More than 60,000 people visit Pornhub every minute, according to the site's 2018 year-end statistics. But while searches for Stormy Daniels, Fortnite, and Bowsette may have surged in popularity last year, many of this year's wankers would rather watch a fully clothed man tuck them in goodnight or do the dishes unprompted.