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Motley Crue Soundtracks Planters' Super Bowl Ad

Motley Crue posted a mysterious tease involving the Super Bowl via Twitter last month. Now that mystery has been revealed.

The Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart” serves as the soundtrack to Planter’s new Super Bowl ad.  The 30-second spot features Mr. Peanut driving like mad to help out Alex Rodriguez in a snack crisis.  With A-Rod just moments away from actually having to eat kale chips (gross!), Mr. Peanut saves the day in epic fashion.

Oh, and Charlie Sheen makes an appearance. Apparently, he was available, and his rate was reasonable.

Many fans hoped the Super Bowl tease from the Crue had something to do with the film adaptation of The Dirt. Let’s be real: There’s no way any trailer for that movie would be approved for the Super Bowl’s family-friendly broadcast.

If CBS thought Janet Jackson’s boob was offensive, they would probably pass out if they saw anything involving The Dirt.  

Planters | "Mr. Peanut is Always There in Crunch Time" | 2019 Big Game Commercial :30

Check out Mr. Peanut's game day commercial debut. Alex Rodriguez (aka A-Rod) and Charlie Sheen agree: Mr. Peanut is this year's real MVP because he's always there in #CrunchTime. Planters: Follow along on Twitter: See more:

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