(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

A Guy Got a Ticket for Just Clearing a Square of Snow Off His Windshield Before He Drove

Scraping a ton of snow off your windshield is the worst.  But, you know, it's safer than driving WITHOUT scraping off the snow.

The police in Caithness, Scotland pulled over a guy early on Tuesday because he was driving with a thick layer of snow covering his windshield.  He'd only cleared off a small square in front of the driver's side so he could see.

He wound up getting a ticket and he'll have to go to court.


Motorist stopped by police for driving with tiny snow peephole in car windscreen

A motorist has been caught driving a snow-covered car with just a small peephole of windscreen cleared. The driver was stopped by police on the A9 at Thurso, Caithness, in the Scottish Highlands in the early hours of Tuesday as snow and sleet fell across parts of the country .