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An airline passenger is taking a beating on social media after video of her complaining about having to sit in the middle seat between two other passengers that she calls “so big” started making the rounds online.

In the video the woman can be seen talking loudly on the phone about her seating arrangement. She’s being called “disgusting” and many have said that she should be ashamed of herself and her behavior. YOu can see the video below.

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Woman Didn't Want To Sit Between 2 People, On A United Airlines Flight Regards #NormaRodgers


'Rude' United Airlines passenger slammed after complaining about middle seat

A passenger reportedly flying on a United Airlines flight earlier this year was called out on social media after loudly complaining about her middle seat assignment. In video of the incident, the female passenger is sitting between two people and complaining loudly on her phone about the seating arrangement while calling her seatmates "so big."