(Photo courtesy German Federal Defense Ministry/Getty Images)

Police Raid a Guy's House for Meth and Find Something Horrible!

The cops in Missouri raided a guy's house for meth on Tuesday . . . and they found he had a dead BALD EAGLE in his freezer.

It's definitely illegal to kill a Bald Eagle and possessing one is likely illegal too.  In addition to the eagle officers found 58 grams of methamphetamines, and seized a gun, a stolen ATV and a stolen horse trailer.

He's going to be facing several charges.


Police Raid Home For Meth And Also Find Dead Bald Eagle

When police in Anderson, Missouri, searched two homes on Tuesday, they seized 58 grams of methamphetamines, a gun, a stolen ATV and a stolen horse trailer. Oh, and something else: a dead bald eagle. The bizarre discovery came after the Ozarks Drug Enforcement Team, the McDonald County Sheriff's Office and the Anderson Police Department served two search warrants simultaneously to the houses, according to FourStatesHomePage.com.