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A guy drove his Ferrari off a dock into a Florida bay because Jesus told him to

A Florida man drove his luxury automobile right into the water and claims it was because a higher power spoke to him and told him to do it.

According to police reports the man claims that Jesus told him to drive his Ferrari through a gate and into a 6 foot window.

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WATCH: Dash cam video shows man driving #Ferrari into the intracoastal. Sources say this was a "medical" call, but we are still waiting on the official crash report from @PalmBeachPolice. Looks like there is more to this story... @WPTV https://t.co/ZJrCD635N8

The man also said that he was Egyptian and didn't believe in Jesus and that is why he listened.


Man says Jesus told him to drive Ferrari into bay

The man who drove a luxury sports car into water in Palm Beach, Florida, was apparently told by a higher power to ditch the car into the inlet. James Mucciaccio told police that Jesus told him to drive into the water according to a police report filed by Palm Beach police, WPTV reported.