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Peeps is expanding from just making marshmallow candy.  Peeps CEREAL just hit stores, and according to someone who tried it, it has the same texture as Apple Jacks, and the pieces taste just like Peeps marshmallows.


Peeps Cereal Exists, And It's Obviously Filled With Mini Marshmallows

Cereal has taken a HARD turn from the trying-to-be-healthy schtick into full-on, candy-for-breakfast territory. Case in point: Kellogg's upcoming Peeps cereal, which joins the ranks of Sour Patch Kids, Oreo O's, and Nilla Banana Pudding cereals in our beloved cereal aisle. While the product isn't listed on Target's website yet, shoppers have already spotted it in select stores.

And also, last summer, Kellogg’s announced they were bringing back Pop-Tarts Cereal, which only existed from 1994 to 1995.  Well, it just hit stores.

Pop-Tarts Cereal Is Back from the '90s

Kellogg's dropped the 'crunch' from the name but not from the cereal itself.