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If you’re not familiar with the “Bird Box” Challenge, it’s based on a crazy popular Netflix movie that came out last month, and it involves people trying to do everyday activities while blindfolded.

And a gator handler named Jason McDonald jumped on the bandwagon by posting a video he shot a while back.  We don’t know exactly when.  It’s several blindfolded “friends” in shallow water wrangling alligators.

It was part of a gator wrestling class he holds each year before winter arrives where they do a “gator wellness check.”  In this case they did it blindfolded, were timed, and the capture was official when they kissed the gator’s head.

Friends Play Alligator Bird Box Challenge

ID: 1575041 As the world has become enthralled by the Bird Box Challenge, one group of individuals has laughed at how they undertook such a task years earlier - and using ALLIGATORS. Following the success of Netflix's movie "Bird Box" - where Sandra Bullock's character had to wear a blindfold outdoors - people have started uploading videos of themselves doing everyday tasks completely blindfolded.