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There’s been a wave of Bigfoot sighting reported in a town called Mocksville in central North Carolina.  And it turns out those people weren’t totally wrong . . . what they were seeing was someone’s eight-foot Bigfoot STATUE, complete with glowing red eyes.

The county put out a Facebook post on Friday to clear things up . . . and to get people to stop calling 911 about Bigfoot.

Davie County Animal Shelter

This handsome fellow stands on Pine Ridge Rd. in Mocksville. If you are traveling this road at night, please be advised that the eyes appear to glow. If you see this phenomenon, you do not need to...


NC County receives multiple calls about a red-eyed Bigfoot | Charlotte Observer

Multiple reports of a Bigfoot with glowing red eyes in the North Carolina town of Mocksville have been explained. Turns out it's an 8-foot-tall wooden statue with red glass eyes.