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Two sisters from Australia that have been dubbed “the world’s most identical twins” claim that they both intend to get pregnant from the same man.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque are the names of the women and they went onto an Australian morning TV program to make their announcement.

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They also said that if the law would allow it, they would both marry the man too. (You can see him in the link/pic below) They’re hoping that they can both get pregnant by this guy at the same time. The man involved in this twin sister relationship is fine with these plans, as well as their mother…who actually is the one who suggested the idea that the both get pregnant at the same time.

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1,318 Likes, 126 Comments - AnnaLucy DeCinque ???? (@annalucydecinque) on Instagram: "???? DOUBLE THE LOVE FOR BEN ???? Better All Together ????‍♀️????‍♂️????‍♀️ #relationshipgoals #shareboyfriend"


Australian twin sisters claim they both intend to get pregnant by same 'very happy' boyfriend

Two sisters self-described as "the world's most identical twins" aim to get pregnant by their shared boyfriend and, if the law would allow it, marry him. Anna and Lucy DeCinque, who made their announcement on an Australian morning show last month, confirmed to Fox News this week that their communal boyfriend is "very happy" with the plan.