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A Guy Screams so Much at a Spider in His House that Someone Called the Cops

A guy in Australia freaked out when he saw a spider in his house last week . . . and he yelled "Why won't you die?" at it as he tried to crush it.  Well . . . someone outside heard that and called the cops, and they showed up thinking it might be a murder.

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Rhys screamed so loudly when a spider came into his house he sparked an emergency police response! Let's hope he doesn't run into one again... ???????? #9Today https://t.co/KNuXLCW0s5


Australia police show up at home of screaming spider killer

Jan. 4 (UPI) -- Rhys Howard of Perth, Australia, screamed so loudly while he was killing a spider that police were called to his house. A concerned resident called police after they heard Howard shouting "why won't you die?" along with a child screaming.