(Photo by NOAA via Getty Images)

An astronaut mistakenly called 911 while in space!

In a recent interview a Dutch astronaut admitted that he accidentally called 911 while in orbit around the earth!

The 60 year-old astronaut said that he was attempting to make contact with NASA at the space center in Houston, but due to the zero gravity environment he must have slipped up and misdialed the numbers.  His slip up caused a security alert and he learned he would have to be more careful when trying to contact earth from outer space.


Astronaut accidentally calls 911 from space

A Dutch astronaut has described how he accidentally contacted American emergency services on 911 while in orbit above the Earth. André Kuipers described the experience while speaking on a radio program about his missions and communications between the Earth, satellites and astronauts orbiting the planet, according to the country's public broadcaster Nederlandse Omroep Stichting.