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An out of control bonfire on a Dutch beach made it look like a scene from the apocalypse!

The bonfire was part of an annual New Year’s Eve competition with a neighboring community.  Old wooden pallets were used to fuel the fire that reached over 160 feet tall before getting out of control.  You can see multiple ‘firenadoes’ swirling across the beach.  No one was injured but a few buildings had some damage done and the riot police were called in.

Officials say this tradition may not continue in the future.


Terrifying Wave Of 'Firenadoes' Is Like Something From An Apocalypse Movie

An out-of-control bonfire led to a frightening scene in the Netherlands as a wave of " firenadoes " swirled across a beach early Tuesday. The bonfire at Scheveningen, a district in The Hague, is part of an annual New Year's Eve competition with the neighboring community of Duindorp, the BBC said.