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A restaurant in Vancouver is denying a claim from a customer that her Manhattan clam chowder was served with a dead rat in it. If you read any further we are warning you this is NSFL (Not Safe For Lunch)

A customer of the restaurant posted a video and picture of what appears to be a partially intact body of large rodent being scooped out of a bread bowl filled with the clam chowder. The post was made on an account that has been inactive for about a year so some people are calling shenanigans on the customer’s claim.

The restaurant has investigated the incident and claims that there is no way that this could have happened due to the staffs food handling or cooking.  It’s a very popular restaurant in the area of Vancouver and they have invited anyone who is concerned to come check out their kitchen and cooking area to see that the facility is clean.


Restaurant Denies Serving Up A Dead Rat In Its Clam Chowder

A Vancouver restaurant has unequivocally denied claims it served a diner clam chowder with a dead rat in it. Last Thursday, Instagram user pisun_ne_ne shared a video of the alleged incident, showing what appears to be a rodent being pulled from a dish served by Crab Park Chowdery.