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Within the past year or so there have been a ton of stories about people getting their Amazon packages or Christmas gifts being stolen off their porch after delivery, well now people are fighting back!

You’ve probably already heard/seen the video about the guy that made a fart spraying glitter bomb to get revenge on a porch pirate, well this lady in California stepped it up and used a box of cat poop!   After being hit in a string of porch thefts she placed a bait box out filled with cat poop and she watched the unsuspecting porch pirate grab it and put the feces filled surprise into his backpack.


Package thief makes off with box of cat poop

Dec. 31 (UPI) -- A California woman fed up with package thieves captured footage of a man stealing a box of cat poop from her front porch. Stephanie Igoa said the security camera on the front porch of her Fresno home has repeatedly captured so-called "porch pirates" thieving from her front porch, including one man who made at least two visits while wearing a mask.