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JAKARTA, INDONESIA - AUGUST 19: An Indonesian woman carrying her baby walks way after being evicted from an illegal housing complex under a highway bridge on August 19, 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia. A fire broke out as nearly one hundred residents of the makeshift compound many who had been living there for nearly 10 years were evicted as Jakarta's government tries to clear non-official housing from public areas despite the shortage of low cost housing for the poor. (Photo by Ed Wray/Getty Images)

Somebody’s dashcam in Vietnam showed an out-of-control truck coming within a few feet of hitting a woman holding her young child on the side of the road. 

The truck somehow lost control, plowed through the middle divider, and then crossed the road to her side.  Fortunately, she took off running just in time to avoid getting hit by the truck AND another car that it pushed in her direction.