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BUCKFASTLEIGH, UNITED KINGDOM - DECEMBER 11: School children from local schools perform in the traditional nativity play hosted in a barn at Pennywell Farm Activity Centre near Buckfastleigh on December 11 2008 in Devon, England. Performed in a barn, the story is told with help from the farm's animals, decorations and festive lighting, with as many as 10,000 people expected to take part in the theatrical enactment of the birth of Jesus and attracting visitors from worldwide locations. The plays, which began nearly 20 years ago to support the village church with the first shows only attracting a few hundred visitors, allow both school and family groups to relive the traditional nativity story, wearing costumes to be the cast. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

A woman in Scotland was mortified when she bought a shepherd’s costume for her son’s school nativity play and it came with an inflatable sheep SEX DOLL.

She didn’t realize that the inflatable sheep was actually a device for sexual pleasure/novelty until after she inflated and found a very strategically placed hole.


Shepherd's costume sold on Amazon includes 'sheep sex doll'

A mortified mom sent her 5-year-old to his school's Nativity play with a shepherd costume she bought online before she realized it came with a blow-up sheep sex doll. Helen Cox bought son Alfie the $21.65 costume on Amazon for his school Nativity play, and he was delighted it came with a free blow-up sheep.